Jack Jackson

Jack worked as a mountaineering instructor in the UK and the Alps after leaving university before training to become a maths teacher and then completing his master’s degree. Jack’s career included serving a maths teacher in two North Devon schools, as head of maths in Plymouth, senior leadership roles in two different schools in Somerset and Exeter, working as a Local Authority Education Advisor for Plymouth LA and an Ofsted Inspector.

Jack was seconded to support a school to progress out of special measures in September 2006 before taking up the post of Principal at Launceston College in 2007

Jack has led Launceston College form achieving 44% 5 A*-C to becoming the highest performing school in Cornwall with 68% achieving this measure.

Since 2007 Jack has sat on regional and national groups to develop vocational education, led traing for headteachers as part of The Prince’s Teaching Institute, served as a “Local Leader of Education” and has remained committed to “Adventure Learning”. Jack was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the MAT in January 2016